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Fishtavern- Restaurant
Around the 1930's on the deserted beaches of the Thermaikos Gulf they started to build new centers for entertainment.
The Peraia's, Baxsey Tsifleek's and Aghia Triada's centers with their mixed bands became an oasis of relaxation for the people of Thessaloniki.
The people came to these centers by crossing the Thermaikos Gulf in the their small boats at that time.
Located at the Baxsey Tsifleek dock is the Poseidonio Center which besides being a fish tavern also has rooms for rent.
Many well-know people have stayed here. One of these famous persons was Vasilis Tsitsanis (the most famous Greek rebetic music creator)
who after being dismissed from the army as a telegraph operator stayed there writing folk music,
banned at that time due to the August 4th censorship law. The first songs he wrote during this period became famous during the Greek Civil war and thereafter.
Some of his famous lyrics were "pamey tsarka pera sto Baxsey Tsifleeki kookla moo glykia ap'ti Thessaloniki sto Nikaky ti varkoola glykia moo Marigoola na soo paixso fino baglama".
The fish taverns of that time did not have expensive furnishings but their cuisine was excellent. The Marida (small fry), squid, mussels, crabs, shallow water fish, octopus, were some of the favorite mouth watering delicacies of the patrons. People of Thessaloniki have spent unforgettable summer vacations on the picturesque beaches of the Thermaikos.

Since 1981, Antonis Saflekas has taken over the management of the Poseidonio and he continues with great dedication and tradition
to serve fish and meat dishes cooked to the customers satisfaction. The superb service and reasonable prices capture the gastronomical enjoyment of its customers.

Quality undistorted through time from 1981
For your private, family, social and business moments

Managment    Saflekas Antonis

75,Kountouriotou str.   N. Epivates beach    Postcode: 57019
Municipality of Thermaikos    Salonica  Greece
Tel. (+30) 23920-22780,
Fax: (+30) 23920-26100         mobile phone:   (+30) 6977207800
email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Opening hours

Monday to Sunday  (kitchen function)  11:00 - 00.30


P. Kountourioti 75, Beach Neon Epivaton (in the marina)
Dimos Thermaikou Τ.Κ. 570 19 .THESSALONIKI
Τel.: 23920 22780 | Fax: 23920 26100
Mob.: +30 697 7207800
www.saflekas.gr | E-mail: antonis@saflekas.gr

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