Grilled mushrooms balsamic cream

Grilled potato with chef sauce

Potato salad with fresh onion

Greek eggplant grilled with garlic and parsley

Homemade eggplant salad

Homemade tzatziki

Homemade garlic spread

Homemade fish roe salad

Homemade cheese (feta) salad with hot pepper

Tuna fish salad

Tomato with hot pepper and cheese

Ntakos from Crete with cheese from Grevena

Cured beef

Salted palamida

Smoked common mackerel grilled

Salted mackerel

Dried salted mackerel filets in vinegar

Greek anchovies

Salted anchovies

Grilled octopus

Octopus salad with apple vinegar

Mastelo from Chios (Greek traditional cheese)

Talagani from Peloponnese (Greek traditional cheese)

Hard yellow cheese from Grevena

Grilled haloumi cheese from Cyprus

Feta cheese to the pan with a rustic pie garnished
with sweet and sour sauce

Feta cheese P.O.P. Greek trantisional

Fried zucchinies-aubergine-peppers

Tomatoballs-Falafel-Zucchini patties-Pastourmadopitakia-Cheese patties-Frech fried potatoes

Grilled red sweet peppers.

Grilled green sweet peppers.


Opening hours

Monday to Sunday  (kitchen function)  11:00 - 00.30


P. Kountourioti 75, Beach Neon Epivaton (in the marina)
Dimos Thermaikou Τ.Κ. 570 19 .THESSALONIKI
Τel.: 23920 22780 | Fax: 23920 26100
Mob.: +30 697 7207800 | E-mail:

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