The fisherman's salad
with rocket lettuce-dried carameled onion-tuna fish-octopus and prawns with balsamic cream

The Mediterranean salad
with red and green lettuce cherry, boiled fresh fish honey-mustard dressing

Ambrosia salad
with rocket-lettuce-grilled vegetables-peanuts-aromatic herbs and balsamic vinegar

Rocket-lettuce-tomato with parmesan and balsamic vinegar

Greek salad with tomato-cucumber-egg-green peppers-olives-onion and Greek feta

Tomato and cucumber salad

Politiki salad with cabbage-carrot and aromatic herbs

Boiled greens

Beet roots salad


Cauliflower salad

                                                                  All salads contain extra virgin olive oil


Opening hours

Monday to Sunday  (kitchen function)  11:00 - 00.30


P. Kountourioti 75, Beach Neon Epivaton (in the marina)
Dimos Thermaikou Τ.Κ. 570 19 .THESSALONIKI
Τel.: 23920 22780 | Fax: 23920 26100
Mob.: +30 697 7207800 | E-mail:

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