Codfish filet with garlic sauce
Fried squid*
Fresh squid (per kilo)
Fresh Ilex (per kilo)
Mussels with the shell
Fried mussels
Mussels in tomato sauce
Mussels in mustard sauce
Grilled squid on skewer*
Stuffed grilled squid with feta filling*
Cuttlefish (fried or grilled)
Gabari (small prawns)
Fried baby squids
Fried monkfish tails
Monkfish tails steamed in olive oil with aromatic herbs
Fried bramble
Steamed bramble with mustard sauce
Fried anchovies
Steamed anchovies with olive oil
Grilled sardine
Fried fries
fried smelts
Portion of fresh codfish


The availability of the sea food depends on the season of the year and the skill of the local fishermen


Opening hours

Monday to Sunday  (kitchen function)  11:00 - 00.30


P. Kountourioti 75, Beach Neon Epivaton (in the marina)
Dimos Thermaikou Τ.Κ. 570 19 .THESSALONIKI
Τel.: 23920 22780 | Fax: 23920 26100
Mob.: +30 697 7207800 | E-mail:

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